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Q: How to Get Access Token from Web API 2.2 I have a web API 2.2 service (HTTP Basic) which requires authentication. I'm using OAuth 2.0 for authentication. But to authorize a client, I need the access token which is returned from the authorization endpoint. I have no problem generating the access token by using the below code (I'm using Owin) public class WebApiConfig { public static void Register(HttpConfiguration config) { // Web API configuration and services var oAuthAuthorizationServerOptions = new OAuthAuthorizationServerOptions() { AllowInsecureHttp = true, TokenEndpointPath = new PathString("/Token"), AccessTokenExpireTimeSpan = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(60), Provider = new ApplicationOAuthProvider(PublicClientId), AccessTokenLifetime = 60, AccessTokenType = AccessTokenType.Jwt }; // OWIN configuration and services var oAuthBearerOptions = new OAuthBearerAuthenticationOptions() AuthenticationType = "Bearer", Provider = new OAuthBearerAuthenticationProvider() // this call notifies OAuthAuthorizationServerOptions of // the set up of authentication middleware oAuthAuthorizationServerOptions.Provider = new OAuthAuthorizationServerOptionsProvider(oAuthBearerOptions); //




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